Our jewelry is handmade, one-of-a-kind; no two pieces are the same, since they are individually hand-fabricated.  For example, a sterling silver cuff bracelet (shown above) with three bands and perpendicular end brackets may be re-created, but, given the serendipity associated with acetylene torch work and hand forging, the end result, while of a common design, will have an organic quality and exhibit unique details and surface texture.  Unlike works created in multiples through lost-wax or other casting methods, no two pieces are alike.

Some jewelry available on our website, will be hand-fabricated at the time of your order and could take up to 21 calendar days to create prior to shipping.  Most will ship within 10 calendar days.  Please take this into consideration when you place your order and advise us of any specific needs you may have.

Christopher Raymond Kinder

Christopher Raymond Kinder


Christopher Kinder is a native Californian, but spent his childhood in Europe and Canada before settling in Los Angeles.  Fascinated with the natural world from a very early age, Chris majored in biology and received an M.A. in Environmental Science.  He later conducted pioneering research in the use of near-infrared aerial photography for monitoring stress and conditions in cultivated cranberries for the Ocean Spray Cranberry growers’ cooperative.  These extensive aerial observations – seeing geographic forms abstracted by a distant, two-dimensional perspective – extended his early appreciation for organic forms and grounded his design aesthetic, particularly with jewelry, working precious metals with torch, file and hammer.

A scientist, yes, but there was much creative inspiration from his family. His mother, Mary Alexandrea, was a talented artist trained in apparel design and ichibana, but who also experimented with painting in oils and watercolors and block printing as well as jewelry design.   His father, Charles Raymond, was particularly interested in photography, an avocation that clearly influenced Chris and his older brothers.  His aunt, Edna Kuhta, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday in 2019, was a recognized Southern California fiber and jewelry artist whose designs have been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue magazine.


Chris is an artist at heart with roots in photography, painting and sculpture . . . all predominantly self-taught.   Chris began printing his own black and white photographs as a teenager and later taught photography at College of the Holy Cross.  He has experimented in furniture design and sculpture, constructing lamps, tables and statuary from found objects.  He began painting in magical realist and abstract styles under the expert tutelage of Mark Venaglia and has exhibited in the greater Los Angeles area.

It is the irregular beauty/grace of nature that fortifies his artistic vision/sensibilities.    His jewelry works in sterling silver and gold are individually hand-wrought with tactile surfaces and organic forms often reflecting random deformation and a pleasant irregularity.  The feel is worn, aged . . . showing the creator’s hand and engaging the holder to draw out a unique personal meaning/connection and sense of beauty.

Chris has provided art direction, production design and art jewelry styling for television, film and red-carpet events.

Chris’ home and studio are located in Los Angeles, California, where he lives with his husband, filmmaker and TV executive, Jesus M. Rodriguez.



We use only certified recycled gold and .925 silver.


We use only conflict free, fair trade certified and environmentally sustainable gems under the purview of the international Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Our chief supplier follows a verified vendors program that ensures best practices including: No child labor, adequate ventilation, available health care, reasonable work hours, fair wages, compliance with local labor and pollution laws and adherence to import/export laws and consumer policies.


Much of our shipping and packaging materials are made of 100% pre-and post-consumer recycled fibers.

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